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The real face of Nature

Annatura is a line of fresh vegetables that you can find in the refrigerators of the most important supermarket chains.

The products are packed in practical and innovative containers which keep all the nutritional properties of the vegetables, without adding any preservatives or additives. Thus the vegetables, which have been boiled only in water, stay fresh for 30 days in your fridge.

Annatura only chooses fresh seasonal italian products.

Each container mentions the region where the product comes from, guaranteeing that its production chain is authentically made in italy.

Our vegetables are ready to eat.

You can eat them as a simple and natural side dish by seasoning them with oil and salt, or you can use them to prepare more elaborate recipes.

Annatura is a choice.

The choice to follow a healthy lifestyle and to prefer the real flavours of the products from the earth.

We look forward to seeing you in every supermarket: come and discover the real face of nature.

The President